Janie Chapman Offering

The Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) challenges us to “go and tell.”  As we think about where to go and whom to tell, we must take a 3D approach to effectively spread the gospel by using DISCERNMENT to gain an understanding of the needs of the people group we want to reach, embracing the DIVERSITY of the people group and take any  cultural differences into consideration when planning to share the gospel in a respectful way, and developing a DISCIPLESHIP plan so that new believers can grow in their knowledge of God’s love.  As we SEND workers to assess the need, SHARE our beliefs with other people groups, START new congregations of believers, and STRENGTHEN   existing work with people groups, we are fulfilling God’s plan to reach all nations.  Pray that each family member will be willing to pray for our state missionaries and sacrifice a family outing for missions to help the many people groups in South Carolina come to know Jesus.  Our Janie Chapman Offering goal is $2,250.


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